Top Tips to Help you Get Started This Cricket Season


Are you ready to get the ball rolling this cricket season? Our Autism in Cricket Team have put together top tips to help ensure your season gets off to a smooth start! 

Top Tips for families!

1. Don’t forget to register with your chosen club on the Play Cricket website

Our Autism in Cricket Team have been contacting families and individuals to assist them in finding the club that best suits their needs. If you haven’t yet chosen your club and program, we can help you to do so – just email us at

2. Contact your club

It is a great idea to reach out to your club at the start of the season so they can get to know you and your family, and you can build a relationship. This is a great opportunity to discuss the things that would help you or your child throughout the season.

3. Complete an “About Me – Player Profile” and send it to your club

This profile is a great resource to help your club get to know you or your child better and understand the things that will help them to achieve success in cricket. Download it here.

4. Ask your club for details that might help your child to prepare for the first session

You can also ask your club to fill out an “Introduction to Coach and Club” form to help. You can download this to send to them here.

5. Visit our Autism in Cricket website and explore the resources available

These are great resources to help you throughout the cricket season and there are a number of tips and fact sheets ready for you to download.














Top Tips for Clubs and Coaches!

1. Check your registrations for players who have different needs.

Did you know your registration information doesn’t automatically show this information? Check out this tip sheet on how you can download the full registration details of your players.

2. Reach out to families of children with Autism prior to their first session.

Develop an open relationship and allow them to help guide your club on what supports their child needs.

3. Encourage families to fill out a player profile

This will help your club get to know and support their child best. You can download it and complete it here.

4. Complete the “Introduction to Coach and Club”

You can complete it here and send it to your players with special needs. This will help them to prepare for their first session and feel more welcome and comfortable at the club.

5. Check out our resources

 We have a range available on our website to help your club create an inclusive environment for players with Autism.
















For more Top Tips for clubs check out our tip sheet here and for more information on the program, email us at

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