How Tyler is Melting Our Hearts


How Tyler is melting our hearts

We have to agree with Aimee, Tyler’s mum, this little boy ‘will melt anyone’s heart’. Tyler attends the Autism Association’s First Steps for Autism therapy program at our Waikiki Service Centre; and Aimee is keen to share a story of the way he has progressed, in such a short time.

Learning and teaching us every day!

Tyler was diagnosed with Autism on the 16th March 2017, three years old—only one year ago. We had no idea about Autism or what to do. But before we knew it Tyler was teaching us, every day. He’s taught us a love I’ve never known. At the beginning of the year he never spoke, except the occasional one word. He rarely made eye contact. But now…he’s made so much progress and he is learning every day. He’s talking more, interacting more and making lots more eye contact. Tyler has a cheeky personality that will melt anyone’s heart. We are a family of five and he’s one very much loved little man; and he’s surprising us every day with something new. He’s a strong little boy who likes to climb and run. He’s getting so much support and has come a very long way.

With First Steps

Tyler is showing not only his family but also the First Steps therapists just how well he can keep on learning. His story reflects that of many others —with the appropriate support children with Autism are developing into smart young adults to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

For an overview of the Association’s First Steps therapy program watch the short video:

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