Wings for Autism— flying high for Autism


Recently, in collaboration with Perth Airport we released a video which had been developed to capture our “Wings for Autism” program; this program has since received overwhelmingly positive responses from the community.

“Wings for Autism” was developed following a conversation with Perth Airport centred around increasing inclusion and participation for all people with disabilities with a focus on Autism. As Autism is often an unseen disability, many people with Autism and their families were having very negative airport experiences which had led to many families avoiding holidays that involved for plane travel. The individuals and families whom we engaged with identified two main barriers to airport participation: firstly, the very overwhelming sensory environment and waiting times; secondly, the limited knowledge of staff being able to understand Autism and thus being able to provide appropriate support. Based on these conversations, we developed our “Wings for Autism” program. 

Across a number of Saturdays during the year, the airport team and our therapists provide a structured and positive airport experience for people with Autism and their families. Participants get to experience, checking in, going through security and even have the opportunity to board a plane – all thanks to Virgin Airlines.

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