You and the Zoo! Sensory Session.


Did you attend our sensory friendly zoo day on Saturday 17th November 2018?

With 40 of our staff and more than 170 of our very special family and friends in attendance, we are pleased to say that our sensory friendly day at the zoo was a huge success!

Some of the actions we put in place to create this successful event included:

  • Training and autism awareness for Zoo staff
  • Development of visual supports and social stories
  • Pre-planning of pathways to follow
  • Online video resources
  • Chill out zones
  • Access to the Zoo before opening hours
  • Onsite support from our staff and the staff from Perth Zoo

We are really proud that this event was such a success as we recognise the importance of creating community events that are accessible and suit the needs of all people especially those with autism.  Through this collaboration we also created a strong partnership with Perth Zoo who will continue to use their new knowledge of autism to create increased inclusion and awareness across Perth Zoo. 

If you are going to the Zoo in your own time, please do  Click here to download our Zoo social story. 

We sincerely thank and appreciate all who were involved. We have received a huge amount of positive feedback and we will be planning for more of these sensory friendly sessions in the future. 

We hope to see you all there!


Thank you for an amazing morning at the zoo! Our boys absolutely loved it and for the first time, we as parents, got to enjoy it too because there weren’t any crowds and there were plenty of helpers. We stayed for 3 hours which is longer than the combined total of our previous few visits! So it was clearly a success! And the dinosaurs were a huge hit 👍 even with the adults 😆

Thank you for organising these events and doing it so well that it makes our time enjoyable. Thank you, thank you, thank you


I attended the sensory zoo session day yesterday with my 4 year old son, 1 year old son and friend. My 4 year old son is currently awaiting an autism assessment. Lately going places has been a real struggle and most of the time it ends with us leaving early and massive meltdowns so normally we don’t go to many events. But we were excited for a day at the zoo. We had our social story read over and over, some sensory toys packed and prepared as much as we could!! And zero expectations!! But from the start, the day just flowed and he loved it!! He waved hello to the staff, it was lovely and quiet we even had morning tea watching the giraffes!! He touched a snake and waved at the elephants. So magical. I don’t have any pictures with my 2 boys and yesterday I got one!! Okay so both of them aren’t looking at the camera but I don’t care!! To get that moment where my son sat on my knee for a photo without covering his face or wanting to run away was the best present I could ever get!!  So I want to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the Autism WA staff at the zoo yesterday who helped all the families there and for organising a terrific event. It has given us faith that we can socialise again and I hope this is a yearly event from now on!

Also a massive thank you to Perth Zoo for opening up earlier and allowing it all to happen.



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