Specialist Autism Assessment for children ages 2-7 years

Our Specialist Autism Diagnostic Clinic provides multidisciplinary assessments for children between the ages of 2 to 7 who may have Autism.

The assessment team consists of a consultant Paediatrician, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist, all of whom have specialist knowledge of Autism. We accept referrals from GP’s and consultant Paediatricians. Please see the section Information for referrers for more information about making a referral to the clinic.

We currently offer 2 options for assessment:

Option 1 – Full Comprehensive Assessment

A full comprehensive assessment involves assessment by a consultant Paediatrician, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist. All appointments are completed in one day with our specialist team. A GP referral is required for a full comprehensive assessment.

Option 2 – Partial Comprehensive Assessment

Western Australian standards recommend that an experienced multidisciplinary team including a Paediatrician, Psychologist and Speech Pathologist carry out Autism assessment for children ages 2 to 7 years.

If your child has already been assessed by a Paediatrician and has a comprehensive Paediatric referral our Speech Pathologist and Clinical Psychologist/Psychologist can complete the diagnostic assessment. Both assessments are completed in one day with our specialist team. 


All assessments are completed in a single day with our specialist multidisciplinary assessment team.

The assessment itself will involve:

  • face to face assessments/observation of the child
  • a clinical interview with parents/caregivers

We will also gather information from your child’s school/day care and any other relevant health professionals that they have been seen by.

Families will be provided with feedback from the assessment approximately 2 weeks after the initial appointment. This will include a comprehensive report with details of the assessment and tailored recommendations included.

Please note that not all assessments result in a diagnosis of Autism, however our approach is comprehensive and follows best practice guidelines for Autism assessments.


If your child is diagnosed with Autism, we will assist you to link in with services and supports that are available for children with Autism. We will also give you a feedback pack containing information and resources about Autism.


Information for referrers

We accept referrals from GP’s and Paediatricians.

Please contact the clinic if you are concerned that you are working with a vulnerable family that may need support either to complete our intake forms or provide the requested documentation. If you wish to discuss a potential referral with our team prior to submitting a formal referral, our Senior Clinical Psychologist is available on a part time basis to respond to clinical queries and offer guidance on the suitability of the referral for assessment in our clinic.

All referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis and those that are not accepted for assessment will be provided with information regarding the usual assessment pathways in Western Australia.

Please complete the referral in full and with as much detail as possible. Incomplete referrals, or referrals that do not meet the Clinic eligibility criteria, may be declined.


Who should I address the referral to?

Referrals must be addressed to:

Children’s Diagnostic Clinic Coordinator
Children’s Autism Diagnostic Clinic
Autism Association of WA
215 Stubbs Terrace
Shenton Park
WA 6008

Referrals can also be sent via email to: diagnosis@autism.org.au


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