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How do I seek a diagnosis for Autism?

Our Specialist Autism Assessment Team is able to provide an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to Autism assessments and diagnosis.

The Autism Association of Western Australia in partnership with Patches Paediatrics and the University of Western Australia are collaborating to provide a comprehensive Autism diagnostic service for children up to twelve years of age. 

Through our assessment clinic, we aim to provide:

These are based on best evidence-based practice. (Assessments used include Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, speech and language assessments, paediatric assessment and cognitive (IQ) screening based on the individual need of each child.)

A feedback appointment within two weeks of assessment, and access as soon as possible to early intervention funding and services.

Families can access all the diagnostic services across a two week period provided by a:

  1. Consultant paediatrician.
  2. Senior speech pathologist.
  3. Senior clinical psychologist.

Provided for families to understand the process, the diagnosis, and to link into funding, therapy services and local community support.

We aim to keep costs for families to a minimum by reducing the time between assessments and having all clinicians collaborating within the one service.

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