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Specialist Autism Assessment for Children Ages 2 to 12 years

Our Specialist Autism Diagnostic Clinic provides multidisciplinary assessments for children aged 2-12 years who may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The assessment team consists of a consultant paediatrician, psychologist and speech pathologist, all of whom have specialist knowledge of Autism.

Types of Assessments

We currently offer two options for assessment:

Option 1 – Full Comprehensive Assessment

A full comprehensive assessment involves assessments by a consultant paediatrician, psychologist and speech pathologist. All appointments are completed in one day with our specialist team. A GP referral is required for a full comprehensive assessment.

Option 2 – Partial Comprehensive Assessment

A partial comprehensive assessment involves assessments by psychologist and speech pathologist. Both assessments are completed in one day with our specialist team. A partial assessment can only be completed following a comprehensive paediatric referral.

As part of our intake process we ask families to complete some information forms which help to determine the child’s suitability for assessment in this clinic. Assessments are not guaranteed until we have received all referral documents, and these have been reviewed by the clinical team and accepted into the clinic. We will then contact you to book the assessment appointments.

The Assessment Process

All assessments are completed in a single day with our specialist multidisciplinary assessment team. We use gold-standard assessment instruments and all of our clinicians are experienced in assessing and working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The assessment itself will involve face to face assessments/observation of the child and a clinical interview with parents/caregivers. We will also gather information from your child’s school/day care and any other relevant health professionals that they have been seen by.

Families will be provided with feedback from the assessment approximately two weeks after the initial appointment. This will include a comprehensive report with details of the assessment and tailored recommendations.

Please note that not all assessments result in a diagnosis of ASD, however our approach is comprehensive and follows best practice guidelines for ASD assessments.

What happens after the assessment?

If your child is diagnosed with Autism, we will assist you to link in with services and supports that are available for children with Autism.  We will also give you a feedback pack containing information and resources about Autism.

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