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First Steps for Autism - News and Recent Events

Keep scrolling to see what our First Steps for Autism Team have been up to recently.


Katie Has Been an Extraordinary Blessing to My Family

We recently received an amazing letter of appreciation from one of our Early Intervention Families and simply had to share it!

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Herd of Autism Rocking Horses!

The Year 10 students at Woodvale Secondary College have produced wonderful Rocking Horses in their woodwork studies class – and donated them to the Association!

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Another Fantastic Regional Intensive Therapy Week!

What a fantastic week, we had 24 families join us from all over WA for our Regional Intensive Therapy Program at the end of January. We loved meeting some new families and welcoming back families returning, some who were coming back for the 3rd or 4th time. 

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Sensory-Friendly Christmas party at Funtastic4Kids in Wangara

We were very excited to hold a small Sensory-friendly Christmas party at Funtastic4Kids in Wangara at the end of 2019.

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Sensitive Santa 2019

Our Sensitive Santa sessions remained as popular as ever this year and we had almost 250 families attend or express interest in attending; many of whom have attended every year since the sessions have been run.

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A Chance Meeting Pays Off

In life you never know who is going to cross your path and this certainly was the case for Steven and Brian who attended the Dad’s Joondalup MyTime group for the first time on the same day recently. What happened next couldn’t have been predicted by anyone.

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MyTime Saved me this Year

“Honestly Mytime saved me this year! It has given me purpose back to my week, both my kids love “playgroup” as I call it and they love the play leaders dearly. I have even organised our daycare and therapy days around MyTime so I can always attend at least one my daughter, if not with both children. I cannot thank everyone enough that is involved with running the mytime groups. My husband attends the Joondalup group with Ben and has also had a great experience – it also means I get a little breather on a Saturday morning”

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Champions for Autism

Twenty-six dedicated Goodstart teachers from 13 centres in WA are inspired to make a difference after attending 3 days of training with our First Steps for Autism Therapy Team

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Early Days Workshops were lifesaving for Peggy and her family

“When my son was diagnosed with ASD and GDD at 18 months I had no idea what “Autism” meant, not only the clinical definition but what that word will mean “practically” in my new every day life with my family.

Attending the Early Days workshop was life saving! Somehow the more I learnt about autism the less scared I felt and the more empowered I become to deal with all the surprises my lill cherub threw at me. I started to “understand” his behaviour and therefore not get so upset nor frustrated and I was able to act in a positive way rather than react negatively”

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