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Are you considering employing someone with Autism?

Together we can create an employment opportunity for a person with Autism.

AIM Employment is a local, not-for-profit program established by the Autism Association of Western Australia to assist people with Autism to find and maintain employment.

It’s a recognised Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, funded by the Australian Government, and is a free service. It assists employers to benefit from the many attributes an employee with Autism has to offer.

To date, we’ve assisted individuals to secure employment in many different roles, including real estate, finance, university research, warehousing, pharmacy and commercial laundries.

We assist independent workers in open employment, which can be anywhere from eight hours per week to full-time.

  • Individually supported:
    Initially, intensive support is provided by an AIM Employment team member, followed by regular visits to the workplace to ensure a successful outcome for both the employee and employer.
  • Group supported:
    Where an AIM Employment team member is permanently on site to assist both the employee with Autism and employer, where appropriate.

All job seekers are subject to the same human resource procedures of the business for all other staff. For example, a probationary period, attendance and workplace behaviour.

Aside from encouraging diversity in the workplace, and providing someone with a valued status in the community, you will also be employing a reliable employee.

Recent research by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Center and published in “bcec-autism-in-the-workplace”, shows employees with Autism outperform co-workers without Autism in regard to:

  • Work ethic,
  • Attention to detail, and
  • Quality of work.

We have found this to be true in our experience of coordinating employment for people with Autism, along with above average proficiency in some, or all, of the following:

  • Problem-solving skills,
  • Concentration and memory, and
  • Technical ability, for example, in information technology (IT).

While Autism is a complex lifelong developmental disability, many people with Autism have fulfilling lives and make excellent employees.

More information about the benefits of employing people with a disability can be found at www.employment.gov.au

An AIM Employment team member will remain on the job until the job seeker and the employer are confident the work is being completed satisfactorily.

In some cases, job seekers may undertake a free work trial prior to commencing paid employment. Insurance cover is provided for all job seekers who are on a work trial.

In addition, we’ll also provide support with:

  • On the job training, when required.
  • Accessing financial incentives (see below).
  • Assistance with appropriate Award Coverage and industrial relations issues.
  • The provision of information and education on Autism for co-workers.

Please contact our team for more information on the support available to you and your workplace.

There are two main financial incentives for employers provided through JobAccess, an initiative of the Australian Government:

  1. A wage subsidy:
    Employers may be eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $1,650 as an incentive to employ job seekers with a disability. This can help cover the costs of wages and training in the first few months of employment.
  2. The Supported Wage System (SWS):
    Most people with a disability work at productivity levels equivalent to their co-workers and receive a full award wage. However, if a person with a disability is not able to work at the same productivity levels as their co-workers, then you may consider the SWS. An approved assessor will identify a work productivity rate in the form of a percentage of the acceptable standard for that work classification. Employers can only employ people with a disability under this system if the applicable industrial award or instrument contains such provisions; most modern awards do so.

All paperwork involved for both of the above financial incentives will be organised and completed by AIM Employment.

Often before a job placement occurs the job seeker will participate in a work experience trial instead of, or as well as, an interview.

Face-to-face interviews do not always allow for job seekers to demonstrate their skills and strengths effectively. Work experience can provide a better insight into the abilities of the person and ensure a good fit for both job seeker and employer.

Please note, work experience trials are covered by the Autism Association of Western Australia’s insurance policy.

If your workplace is considering employing a person with Autism, we are confident it will be a positive experience for both you and the employee.

Please contact the AIM Employment Program Team at the Autism Association of Western Australia on (08) 9489 8900.

Your Stories

We are a small commercial laundry situated in Bibra Lake. We began employing people with Autism through AIM Employment in 2011 to assist in the laundry. With the support of AIM Employment we now employ five young people as laundry assistants. We are more than pleased with these employees, as they do a great job in the workplace, they are reliable and punctual, and have an eye for detail doing the job quickly and accurately.

Light-House Laundry - John Moore, Proprietor

Matt is extremely productive with an almost non-existent error rate.

McKinley Plowman

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