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What do employers say?

The following testimonials provide an insight into the experience of employing a person with Autism.

The School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work began our professional relationship with AIM Employment in 2012 when we employed a worker with Autism to provide research assistant support to the many research staff and students in our School. With the support of AIM Employment, we now employ four research assistants who have a range of skills and knowledge relevant to qualitative and quantitative research methods.

AIM Employment staff provide fantastic support to these workers and to the School, giving on-the-job assistance if needed, with new or complex work tasks. This support means that our researchers can be confident in the work done.

These workers are extremely reliable and punctual, and their accuracy and speed of work on very detailed tasks are excellent. They have taken opportunities to broaden their skills sets through relevant in-house training and short courses, which has increased the number and scope of research projects that have benefitted from their work. Several of these research assistants have either co-authored or been acknowledged in, published peer-reviewed research papers. An excellent outcome for them and the School.

Curtin University, School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work - Marina Ciccarelli – Associate Professor

I have had a correlation with the Autism Association of Western Australia over the last 12 years due to having children with Autism. When the opportunity was presented to me to give back to the Association that had helped us through our earlier years, I felt extremely honoured to do so. As a Facility Manager for Australia Post, I was able to provide employment opportunities for adults with Autism.

Last year Australia Post employed two individuals with Autism through a combination of work experience, training and identifying the individual’s skills and matching these skills to particular tasks. With the support of the AIM Employment team, these individuals became part of our processing team working in various parts of the organisation.

These employees have transitioned extremely well once given the opportunity and are an integral part of the Australia Post team. The support we receive from the AIM Employment consultants is extremely valuable especially during times of change which helps to ensure smooth transitions. Employing people with Autism has provided Australia Post with reliable and loyal workers that are genuinely happy to come to work.

Australia Post - John Game, Facility Manager
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