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Accessing Healthcare services

The following resources have been created to assist individuals with Autism accessing any medical services including hospitals.   Blood Test Social Story CT Scan Social Story…

Accessing Dental Services

The following resources have been created to assist individuals with Autism accessing any dental services.   Dental Filling Social Story Dental Needle Social Story Dental Visit Social Story Tooth Extraction Social Story Dental Information Card…

A man holding and showing his Autism Alert Card in front of the camera

Autism Alert Card

The Autism Association of Western Australia and WA Police have teamed up to launch a new Autism Awareness initiative to help individuals with Autism when they encounter any situations with police and first responders.

Autism Association Resource Websites

The Autism Association have created some useful resource websites for individuals with Autism.


Keeping you Safe: COVID-19 Updates The Autism Association is here to support you and your family at this challenging time. The health and welfare of individuals with Autism, their family and carers, is at the forefront of our minds in every decision we make. Please be assured that the health…

Dads and Father Figures

Resources for Dads and Father Figures Explaining Autism  Build the Connection  Communication Strategies Support Communication Be Sensory Savvy  …

In the picture, it shows a first aid kit, a safety triangles usually for cars and a fire extinguisher

Emergency Situations

The following resources have been created to assist individuals with Autism during emergency situations. Social Story preparing for evacuation in a fire emergency…

For Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families 

Autism Fact Sheets A number of different fact sheets on Autism, which have been translated into different languages, and are also available. Arabic What is Autism – ما هو التوحد؟…

For Indigenous Families

Resources for Indigenous Families The following resources have been created to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.  Click on each item to download your free copy: Djarmbi-the-different-kookaburra book_Positive Partnerships Autism Our Kids, Our Stories book_Positive Partnerships…

For Teachers and Educators

The following resources have been created to support teachers and educators working with students with Autism in the classroom.

New Diagnosis?

The following information sheets have been created to assist in understanding Autism Spectrum disorder and also to provide information relating to potential funding support options for families:

Resources for Daily Living

The following resources have been created to assist individuals with Autism in their day to day activities in the home and community.

Safety for Children and Young People

The McGowan government has launched a dedicated webpage for Western Australian children and young people to help them stay safe online.

Starting a New School Year

Social Story Starting a new school year Social Story Starting at a new school…


The following social stories have been created to support individuals with Autism planning to travel by plane:  What are Social Stories and how to write one 1 Social story_Checking in at the airport 2 Social story_Boarding the plane…

Video Resources

The Autism Association of WA’s YouTube channel have a number of useful videos for individuals with Autism, their families, educators and anyone interested in learning more about Autism as well as the services available from The Autism Association.  Click here to visit our YouTube channel.   …

Visiting the WA Museum Boola Bardip

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