Planning ahead is the key to saving lives.

As part of our partnership with the Western Australia Police Force, we are pleased to share with you Safe & Found, an initiative dedicated to safeguarding individuals with Autism who may be at risk of becoming lost or reported missing to assist in their safe return.

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Safe & Found WA is an initiative introduced by Western Australia Police Force (WA Police Force) and Australia Medic Alert Foundation.

This initiative supports individuals who might be at risk of becoming lost or reported as missing, by ensuring Police have immediate access to critical information to assist when undertaking search operations.

A detailed profile outlining the individuals personal history and characteristics is completed ahead of time, and kept securely along with a recent photo, on the Safe & Found database for Police to access immediately if they were to go missing. Searchers use the information provided by you when you join Safe & Found to assist their search efforts and determine possible locations or specific lost person behaviour. This profile allows Police to focus their efforts more efficiently by allowing them a better understanding of the person they are looking for, what the person has done previously and may be likely to do in the future. 

To support the success of this initiative, the Association worked closely and provided training for the WA Police Force to educate about Autism. Watch Inspector Steve Scott explaining more about this initiative in the video.

More information about the membership can be found on the Safe & Found website.

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If you have any questions about this initiative, you can contact the Safe & Found WA team at


Have you heard about our Autism Alert Card?

We teamed up with the WA Police Force to launch an initiative to help individuals with Autism when they encounter any situations with Police and first responders.

The Autism Alert Card will alert emergency services that the person carrying the card has Autism and may require additional support. It emphasises that the Autism Alert cardholder may have difficulties in communicating and may show signs of unusual behaviour. It also includes two named contacts who can offer their support to help emergency and public services to understand better the individual with Autism’s needs. Find out more and register for your card today!


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