Advice and Information

The Autism Association Advisor team continue to offer advice and information to the Western Australian community.

Support Coordination

We connect you with the providers of your choice.

NDIS Funding

The Autism Association is a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Western Australia. Talk to our Autism Advisors to find out about the options available so we can help you to achieve your NDIS plan goals and make sure that you are accessing all funding available for you and your family. 

Autism Alert Card

The Autism Association of Western Australia and WA Police have teamed up to launch a new Autism Awareness initiative to help individuals with Autism when they encounter any situations with police and first responders.

Parent Coffee Groups

These groups run throughout the school term and are available for families at no cost.
Join us at the location closest to you!

Dads Autism Connect

Join our Dads Autism Connect Group to meet other dads of children with Autism of all ages and chat, share and support each other.

There are a range of events running throughout the year, providing a great opportunity to create a support network and become the best dad you can be!

Siblings Program

Siblings Program: 6-9 Years of Age  This program is designed for children aged 6-9 years old who have a sibling with Autism currently accessing our programs or services. This program will focus on: Exploring ways to support their emotional wellbeing Helping them to understand Autism and what makes their sibling…

Multicultural Families

Do you speak a language other than English at home? If so, we are able to work with you to adapt our Autism programs to suit you and your family.

Indigenous Families

Are you, or is your child, an Aboriginal Australian or Torres Strait Islander? If so, we’re able to work with you to adapt our programs to suit you and your family.

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