What support is available for Aboriginal Australians or Torres Strait Islanders?

Are you, or is your child, an Aboriginal Australian or Torres Strait Islander? If so, we’re able to work with you to adapt our programs to suit you and your family.

Our intention is to provide the best possible support to you and your child, in the most effective way. We’ll work with you to alter the programs, based on your location and ability to access the services available.

Early Intervention Indigenous Liaison Program

Hosted by Autism Queensland, the Early Intervention Indigenous Liaison Program is a national project aiming to raise awareness of Autism in Indigenous communities. It is funded by the Department of Social Services as part of the Helping Children with Autism initiative.

The program aims to:

  • Raise awareness of disabilities within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities and link them with relevant support services.
  • Work in collaboration with, and provide cultural perspectives to, disability organisations, NDIS, Carers Australia and other service providers.

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