How will you prepare for life after school?

Leaving school is a major turning point in all young people’s lives and this may be a time of great anxiety for students with Autism. We are here to help.

The established routines of school days that have provided some measure of certainty and predictability over the past few years are suddenly no longer applicable. Although, for some students with ASD, the prospect of leaving school will be anticipated in a positive light; life beyond school might be envisaged as a release to a more interesting world. Whichever way the future is viewed, the shift from high school to employment, tertiary education or other community options is a huge leap. Wherever the move is to take the student, preparation and planning will be pertinent in ensuring a successful transition.

For Students with Autism, it is critical that you start planning transition from school at around Year 9. If you are accessing our therapy services your Key Therapist will work with you to prepare and plan for this transition, we work in close collaboration with schools to support development of goals in preparation for transition from high school. 

Our transition publication, Thinking Ahead, is full of useful information and practical strategies for students moving to high school and beyond. It was written for young people with ASD, parents, teachers, caregivers and others who may be involved. Chapters cover strategies for supporting transition to high school, supporting students while in high school, preparing for adulthood, employment, community options, further or higher education and the role of technology. This book is a great resource and can be purchased from our online shop

Contact our Therapy team on therapyservices@autism.org.au.

Final Years of School

For students in their final years of school we are able to provide individualised pathways to employment and/or further education.  This can include:

  • Traineeships/apprenticeships.
  • Part-time employment whilst at school.
  • Work experience.
  • Pathways to further education, such as University and TAFE.
  • Skill development sessions such as life skills and job skills.

Please contact our Employment Team at employment@autism.org.au.

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