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Small-group therapy programs to develop social skills

Our highly popular small-group therapy programs are designed to develop identified skills in a welcoming and encouraging way. Each school-aged child is matched to a group according to his or her goals and individual needs.

Small-group Therapy Programs

The groups are run are either after-school or during holidays. The sessions are facilitated by experienced speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and therapy assistants.

Topics include social skills, self-care, fitness and anxiety management as outlined below.

To find out which group might suit your school-aged child or adolescent, please contact us on therapyservices@autism.org.au.

 Social Skills: Designed to develop your child’s theory of mind, increasing social observation skills, building understanding of social expectations in different contexts and increasing language and memory skills to develop and sustain relationships.

Movement and Gross Motor Skills: Improving fundamental movement skills, developing a positive relationship with physical activities, building upon current fitness levels, enabling children to participate confidently in play, dance, games, sport, outdoor education and recreational activities at home, at school and in the community.

Social Skills and Emotional Regulation: Improving the recognition of emotions in themselves and others, expressing feelings in appropriate ways, coping with feelings of anger and anxiety, starting, continuing and ending conversations and play activities with others.

 Play: Learning to take turns and share with other children, playing simple rule-based games, initiating play, developing language, increasing group participation, awareness of emotions and basic theory of mind.

Daily Living Skills: Increasing independence in dressing, increasing independence in preparing simple food, increasing independence in tying shoelaces, washing hands and brushing teeth.

Emotional Regulation: A group for parents and children to support learning about feelings and anxiety, detective thinking and learning to think more realistically, ways that parents can help, fighting fear and facing fear, learning to solve a problem and building assertiveness.

These groups target goals and promote skill development through a special interest. Skills targeted include but are not limited to: Lego, Minecraft, girls , science, art and building things. These groups are typically held over the school holiday period.

The Autism Association of Western Australia, in partnership with Curtin University are pleased to be taking expressions of interest for KONTAKT—a group-based intervention program aimed at improving social communication in teenagers with ASD.

We are looking for particpants between the ages of 11 and 18 to take part in trial groups in 2017. If you would like to be considered for the trial please complete this KONTAKT Expression of Interest Form and return to KONTAKT@autism.org.au

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