Let’s Eat


It provides a framework—based on a wide range of peer reviewed research—to help parents and teachers assess and identify the mealtime challenges for their children. With a good understanding of why the child has difficulty with mealtimes and with certain foods, it shows how by instilling fun into all aspects of food many problems associated with eating may be mitigated. We include fun recipes, fun song lyrics associated with food and templates of fun activities to reinforce the playfulness of food and eating. The book aims to help caregivers and educators work towards a more positive mealtime experience for all concerned.

Although the book has been written primarily to address mealtimes, we believe that much of the information provided will be useful across a range of everyday activities. We show that important elements of a mealtime management program might entail adapting the environment, creating routines and using visual supports—well known ways of effectively supporting people with Autism throughout their day-to-day lives.


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