The Autism Association have created some useful resource websites for individuals with Autism. These websites include:

Autism Apps Website

This website has been developed in response to the many parents, teachers and individuals who have asked us how to effectively use technology to support a person with Autism. This website aims to empower you with the skills and knowledge to successfully choose the Apps that are most appropriate for a person with Autism.


Autism Heroes Website

The goal of Autism Heroes is to build student knowledge about Autism and teach students how they can support people with Autism in their classroom and school environment. Designed with the Australian National Curriculum in mind, the Autism Heroes Education Pack contains lesson plans, a video and worksheets for students in Years 3–6. There is also a range of resources that are designed to help you prepare and deliver the pack and to support understanding of Autism within your school.


Autism in Cricket 

The Autism in Cricket program is for everyone who is passionate about inclusion in sport. The program is designed to break down barriers to participation and support children with Autism to get involved in their local cricket club. The team at the Autism Association are here to support you to join and be a player in your local club or to become a part of your club community in other roles.


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