Early Days workshops are run throughout the year for parents and informal (unpaid) carers of young children, aged 0 to 6 years, who have recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or referred for an assessment. Workshops are held in small groups to give parents the opportunity to meet other parents and share their experiences. 

The Early Days workshops include: 

  • My Child and Autism
    • What autism is, and what is means for your child and your family. 
    • Practical strategies that can make a difference to your child’s development.
    • How to select and maximise an intervention service.
    • Help with the diagnostic process.
  • My Child and Autism – Girls
    • What Autism is and what it means to your child and family
    • How Autism commonly presents in young girls
    • Practical strategies that can make a difference to your child’s development
    • Learning how to select and maximise an intervention service
  • Understanding Behaviour
    • Understanding why your child has behavioural issues.
    • Identifying the purpose of your child’s behaviour.
    • Developing strategies.
    • Planning for success.
  • Progression to School 
    • Understanding the importance of working as part of a transition team.
    • Tips and ideas to help you prepare your child for school
    • Practical strategies that can make a difference to your child.
  • Encouraging Interaction through Play and Social Learning
    • Understand play and social learning.
    • Strategies for more successful play.
    • Strategies to encourage more interaction and social learning.
  • Helping my Child Cope with Change
    • Understanding why change is so difficult.
    • How change impacts young children on the autism spectrum.
    • Strategies for preparing for change in everyday situations.
  • Developing My Child’s Independence Skills 

    • Understanding why everyday self-care skills can be hard for a child on the autism spectrum
    • Strategies for teaching skills.
    • Tips for specific skill areas, such as eating, sleeping, and toileting.

These workshops are free to attend and refreshments are provided. Unfortunately childcare is not available; except at MyTime sessions.

All of these workshops are available one-on-one and with a translator if required or for Regional and CALD families; email early.days@autism.org.au for more information. 

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