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Are you wondering if someone you know has Autism?

If you’re concerned about someone, it’s a good idea to seek diagnosis as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that what may seem like Autism could simply be a child developing at a different rate or an adult with different habits to our own.

Those with Autism often have challenges with their communication skills and difficulty understanding others. They may also withdraw from, or avoid, social interaction. Read on to find out more about Autism.

How many people have Autism?

Recent research in Australia tells us that 0.5 percent (115,400 people) in Australia have been diagnosed with Autism. (Source: ABS Autism in Australia 2012). Also, in Australia boys are four times more likely to have Autism than girls, similar to the United States of America where boys are four and a half times more likely.


Initially we had concerns about Paige’s behaviour when it came to playing with other children or just being around other kids. As the weeks went on Paige showed significant steps forward in confidence, playfulness and joy, which we had never seen outside of our own home.

Parent feedback - Paige 3 years old

What support is available?

Many people around the world have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of those with Autism, including our team here at the Autism Association of Western Australia.

Every year we learn more about Autism and a significant amount of support and guidance is available to you and your family.

Start by contacting us to speak to one of our Autism Advisors.


Find out more about Autism

The following pages will provide more useful information about Autism.

You may also like to review Our Research, attend a Workshop or Presentation or consider an Online or Printed Publication. A comprehensive guide to Apps for Autism is also available.

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